High Pressure Coolant System
DORMATEC Environment Systems Netherlands
Dormatec Environment Systems
supplies a variety of systems for processing machines, such as high pressure units, coolers, oil separators, filters and air purification devices. The strategic target of Dormatec is to contribute to further optimisation of your production process. We do so while taking account of your targets in the field of quality, occupational health and the environment. And so we comply with our motto:

Dormatec meets your quality requirements
In order to safeguard this, Dormatec has acquired the European market rights to the sale and distribution of Kemtech products, the renowned South-Korean brand.
Modern-day production techniques in the metalworking industry must meet the market requirements for optimum and cost-effective processing. Higher cutting speeds, longer tool life and low shut-down rates of machines all serve to achieve further optimization of the production process. Moreover, corporate social responsibility ensures that organizations carefully monitor environmental issues within their own company.
High Pressure Coolant Applications
Advantages of Using DORMATEC (HPCS)  Advantages of High Pressure Units
Increased speeds in hole production
Eliminate heat related failure of insert
Reduced chip welding and "built-up edge" in aluminum machining
Better chip control in Low Carbon Steels
Improved quality and speed of Threaded Holes
Reduce or eliminate work hardening from peck drilling
Improved tapping in tough materials
Increased life of expensive Custom Tooling
Improved Auto-loading by eliminating chip problems
Increased tool life in Abrasive Materials
Often drastic cycle time reduction (20-70%)
High pressure units (> 70 bars) lead to:
Improved machining control (no chip curls)
Longer tool life
Higher machining capacity
Improved surface quality
Less burr formation
High pressue units are available with:
20, 30, 70 and 100 bar pumps
Capacity of 10 - 30 litres/minute
Frequency regulators
Filters and supply pumps
Retrofit sets for existing machines
Integrated cooler
Equipment Installations with OE Machines
Comparison sheet


Pump type Gear pump Planger pump
Pump brand Sumitomo Cat & Giant
Pulsation Good Usable
Durability High Low
Price of pump Higher Lower
HMI Control Standard Option
Dimension Small footprint Larger footprint
Noise level Low High
Chiller Standard Option
Tank volume 350 liter 480 liter
Energy saving Standard Option
Volume Variable Variable
Pressure Variable Variable
Feed pump Standard Option
Dual Filter Standard Option
Pressure Switch Standard Option
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