Mile Stone
2010 - Established as Accessory Manufacturers for Machine Tool in Bangalore
2010 – Supplied first  34TR Water Chiller Supplied to Bosch, Bangalore.
2010 – Started  Manufacturing  Coolant Filtration Equipments
2011 –First Centralized Carbide Filtration System. supplied for Anca Machine
2011 -Achieved Business of  1.30 Cr . Business ( from July2010 –March 2011 )
2011 -Having more than 150 Potential End Customers, 25 OEs throughout  India
2011-Installed  more than 400  units all over India / Abroad
2011-Received first AMC  Order from Bosch and  L& T Komatsu, Bangalore
2011- Billing started with Excise Duty from October,2011 onwards
2011-12   Turnover achieved  Rs 4.00 Cr. ( 40 millions ) 
2012-13 First 100 TR Water Chiller Supplied to KURLON Ltd, Gujarat
8th Sept,2012   Incorporated   as  Dai-Chi Cooling Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Gained Leding Corporate Customers Like Bosch, Honey well, Wipro, Moog, Titan, L&T, Schneider Electric, IFB, John Deere, Tata Aerospace........
Capacity to Manufacture 150TR Water Chillers
Marketing of High Pressure Coolant Systems since May 2014 ( Representing Dormatec, Netherlands)