Water Chillers
Water chiller is the process chiller, where the cold water is produced by the help of circulation of the refrigerant to cool the industrial process or equipments. Water chiller is available in the operating range from 6°C to 25°C.
Capacities avalable from 0.5TR ( 1500 Kcal/ hr ) to 150TR Based on Customer Application Requirements.
Induction applications
Heat treatment
Plastic injection molding
Hydraulic oil cooling
Metal working and electroplating
Machine tool applications
Jacket cooling
Plasma spray and coating machines
EDM / Wire cut / spark erosion machines
Industrial washing machines
Food processing units
Beverages and distillation process
Laser welding/marking/cutting
Offset Printing Machines
XRD / XRF Machines
Chemical process industries
Vacuum systems and evaporators
Bakery applications
Power supplies and transformers
Pharma industries
Condenser cooling in environmental chambers
  and many more applications