Filtration Products
Definition of Filtration
Removal of particles from a fluid through a permiable medium or Physical separation of particles through a permiable medium (like Filter cartridge, Filter media.. .etc)
1 Micron = 0.001 mm
40 microns = White blood cell
70 microns = Human hair
100 microns = Table salt
Need of Filtration                               Where we required Filtration
Increase Tool Life
Improve Surface Finish
Extending Coolant Life
Reduces M/c Down Time
Increase M/c Out Put
Eliminates Bad smell & Microbial Growth
100 microns = Table salt
Lapping Cold
Wire Drawing
Components Washing
Gun Drilling
Tool Grinding
Daichi Focus
Magnetic Coolant Filters
Gravity Paper Band Filter
Compact Band Filter
ilter Consumables like Filter Cartridges
Non - woven Filter Media, Filter bags
Centrifuge Oil Cleaner
Magnetic Fine Filtration
Bag Filtration System
Back Flushing System
Magnetic Coolant Filter
Permanent Magnet -Ferrite- 3000 Gauss
Rare Earth Magnet- Super Power
Magnet 10,000 Gauss Value
Capacity - 40 to 500 LPM
Compact Band Filtration System
Principle of Compact band Filter
Hydrostatic Pressure & Gravity with Zero Leakage in Filtration Chamber due to perfect sealing.


Cold Rolling
Wire Drawing
Components Washing
Deep Hole Drilling
Gun Drilling Capacity : 40 LPM to 500 LPM
Gravity Paperband Filtration System
Cold Rolling
Wire Drawing
Components Washing
Deep Hole Drilling
Gun Drilling
Capacity : 40 LPM to 500 LPM
Dai Chi Fine Filtration System
Technology ( Edge Filtration )
This type of filter element utilizes stacks of paper discs tightly compressed on a tubular core to form a continuous cylindrical surface where contaminants are filtered at the edge of the Filter Candles
Method of operation:
Sludge box
Fouled tank section
Clean tank section
Stages of Operation (Fine Filtration System)
Step 1: Filtering Mode
In normal operation, dirty oil from the Grinding machine is taken from the Dai Chi dirty oil storage area and introduced into the filter vessel. Oil is forced to the center of each element. All particles larger than one micron are trapped on the O.D. of the filter element. Clean oil is then deposited into the DaiChi's clean oil storage area and is delivered to the Grinding machine upon demand.
Step 2: Draining Mode
Prior to backflushing the elements, the filter vessel is drained into the dirty storage area through the use of compressed air.
Step 3: Backflushing Mode
The backflushing mode is fully automated. Compressed air is introduced through the top and center of each element. Dirt and debris are forced out of the filter vessel into the paper lined sludge box, which should be emptied approximately once a month. The entire backflushing procedure takes only six minutes.
Filtration down to 3 urn below
Automatic operation without the use of consumables
low maintenance cost
Extended Coolant Life
Increase Surface finish of Product
Decrease Production Cylce time
Reduce Operating Cost
Centrifuge Oil Cleaner
Stand tube
Cleaning chamber
Drive Chamber
Principle of Operation
Centrifuge Oil Cleaner removes very fine dirt from oil up to 5 micron. Inside the centrifuge a twin jet rotor rotating at high speed up to 7000 rpm, creates centrifugal forces 2000 times greater than gravity. This removes dirt and contaminants from oil, which is deposited on the inner wall of the rotor as a thick layer. The collected dirt can be easily cleaned and the unit put back to use again.
Industrial Applications
D GSets
Marine Engines
Earth Moving Equipments
Drilling Rigs
No Replacement Cost
No Recurring Cost
Increase in Coolant life
Finest Filtration up to 5Microns
Filter Consumables